Bea has been dancing at Oakland School for the Arts for three years. The first two years were a struggle. She struggled with multiple injuries, and had a hard time keeping up with her peers as she had to sit out of dance for long periods of time (sometimes months). Even when not injured, she struggled with balance and control, and taking corrections from her teachers was challenging. As hard as she worked, she always felt a step behind. After beginning to receive MAT from Laura regularly in her third year at OSA, Beatrice began to flourish. Her strength, balance, flexibility and control improved significantly, and she no longer experienced the chronic injuries of her first two years. She has become much more aware of her body, and is now one of the top dancers in her grade. At the end of this year she was given a featured role in OSA’s Spring dance concert. Below are pictures from her solo. Thank you Laura for helping Beatrice reach her potential as a dancer! I can’t wait to see where MAT and Laura take her in the years to come!

– Dinah, mom to Beatrice

My 14 year old daughter Tessa had a very painful bump on the top of her foot. For over two months it was steadily getting worse. It actually got to the point that she was crying it hurt so badly. I took her to the podiatrist who diagnosed it as arthritis!! I was really freaked by this diagnosis. The Dr. also said she had to wear orthotic inserts in all of her shoes for the rest of her life. I was so shocked and scared and simply could not believe this was happening.  Instead of following the Dr.’s recommendation I decided to try another avenue. I called Norcal Muscle Clinic. Laura assured me that she could definitely treat my daughter and to throw the orthotics away. We came into the clinic and received two treatments and Tessa has been pain-free and orthotic-free ever since. That was a year ago. No pain. No orthotics. The bump is still slightly there but she has had zero pain.

I very highly recommend Norcal Muscle Clinic! They saved my sanity and my daughters feet. I could not be more impressed! – Gail, mom to Tessa

My trainer recommended I see Norcal Muscle – and I should have seen them a LOT sooner than I did! I am a avid tennis player and was in constant pain in a number of areas: my back, right hamstring, feet and more. I experienced IMMEDIATE relief from soreness and left feeling renewed energy – and just great! After more sessions my back, hamstring and feet issues disappeared, and had increased range of motion, and my speed game and tennis game has never been better. I HIGHLY recommend Norcal!! – Greg F.

I have had elbow tendonitis(lateral and medial) for over 8 years due to housecleaning and I tried it all. Physical therapy, steroid shots, accupuncture, meds, all types of massages, shockwave therapy, etc etc. I was not able to even open a door or lift a cup without feeling extreme pain. I graduated last June and my biggest fear was not being able to work due to my pain in both elbow. I went to Laura once and saw great improvement. I was able to open and close doors, lift my purse without pain, the little things people take for granted, I was grateful for doing it without pain. She saved my life and I am forever grateful to her. I work full time now and I go to her once a while for tune up. She is a miracle worker – Melissa M.

I have had a long-term back problem, and have had injections, PT, chiropractic work, massage, and finally 2 discectomies and 4 decompressions surgically. Bloody thing reconciled to the fact that this was my life until I finally gave in to the nagging of a work friend, and called Derek at Norcal Muscle.

Honestly, I expected no improvement or benefit – I was just going to shut my friend up. Derek and Laura are both Muscle Activation Technique (MAT) specialists, which I knew absolutely nothing about. The focus of MAT is to analyze and correct muscular weakness, along with stabilizing balance and joints. This is accomplished by constantly testing the strength of individual muscles/groups and the practitioner then sort of “jump-starting” the muscles by applying pressure where the joints/tendons/ligaments and muscles all come together.

I’m not great at explaining it, but I can tell you it has been a life-changing experience for me. Anyone who is in constant pain will understand what a radical concept it would be to be able to sit, stand, walk and lie down pain free. It’s not immediate or sudden, because you are reactivating and strengthening muscles that you might not have used for some time. I was limping, so half of my leg muscles were very weak, and my back was trying to compensate for it. By making my legs and back stronger, my body doesn’t have to keep doing a half-assed job at compensation, but can actually function like it’s supposed to.

My back surgeon has been sufficiently impressed by my progress under Derek’s care that he has asked for Norcal’s phone number for referral purposes. I use Derek, but both he and Laura are highly competent, kind, nice and empathetic. They explain the science of what is going on. I really appreciate that, as I’m not one for wanting to hear about my “energy” and chakras being aligned and flowing. That’s fine if you’re into that, but I want the actual mechanics made understandable, which they do. I wish I could give them 6 stars. – Elizabeth P.

I always forget to write reviews when I receive good service, but the service provided by Derek at Nor Cal Muscle Clinic is not good… it is beyond amazing! So, here is my glowing review.

In April of 2011, I hurt my back in an awful way. Spasms, stiffness, and pain were my norm for weeks! I had to drop out of a big triathlon I was training for, and I was devastated. I tried physical therapy, ART therapy, and much more. Nothing worked. Finally, at the end of May (through referral of a friend) I went to see Derek at Nor Cal Muscle Clinic for MAT, muscle activation therapy. After my first 90 minute session, I felt relief in my back for the first time in nearly two months. It took only two sessions to get me back on my bike and training for a couple late season triathlons. Derek discovered that my issues didn’t start in my back, rather it all stemmed from my hips. Hip issues were causing my back issue. I really appreciate that Nor Cal takes the time to really get to know the people they treat, and then proceed professionally with proper care, advice, and treatment.

My back was problem free for close to a year. I was training again, with no issues at all, no back pain at all, and I felt strong! Then, last week, I started feeling some small issues in my back again- much more minor this time compared to the pain I felt last year. I knew I needed to head to Derek and Nor Cal Muscle Clinic to address the underlying issue of this pain. Derek was able to fit me into his schedule with very short notice. I walked into Nor Cal Muscle Clinic with pain and stiffness. 90 minutes later, I walked out feeling ready to get back on my bike! I’m heading back for another treatment in a couple weeks, and I trust that I’ll be stronger than ever for this upcoming triathlon season.

Thank you so much to Derek and Laura for their professionalism, precise treatment, and friendly manner. Nor Cal Muscle Clinic is the place to go when you have any kind of back pain. They get your body working and moving properly again! – Christina N.

I went into Norcal Muscle Clinic with hamstring issues and not expecting much improvement so quickly. After only 1 session that took 1hr and 30 mins. I felt like I could run for miles and my hamstrings felt instantly better after the session. After a few days there was no more pains or aches in my legs. I’m running with more energy and I’m glad I went to Norcal Muscle Clinic. They are miracle workers and I recommend anyone that has tried everything from massage to active release to give Norcal Muscle Clinic a try. – Payam R.