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Felicity Joyce

Norcal Muscle’s sponsored athlete training for the World Championship in Spain.

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What we do here at Norcal Muscle

We are Motion Specialists.
Many people believe their pain is limiting their motion. The truth is their faulty motion is creating the symptom, pain or tightness. Typically when you are describing your symptom you are also demonstrating a specific motion at the same time. The muscles responsible for that movement are not contracting efficiently and/or on-demand. You can think of the symptom as a “check engine” signal. Your body is letting you know that there is vulnerability and weakness associated with this motion. Our Specialists know every muscle responsible for these movements and how to get rid of inhibition by activating (MATRx) the muscle or group of muscles responsible for that particular motion.

Meet Our Bio-Mechanic Specialists

Our Specialists have a Masters of Science degree in Bio-Mechanics and Business. Their science background includes Anatomy, Cadaver Anatomy, Physiology, Biology and Exercise Science. They were the first Muscle Activation Techniques Prescriptive Rules (MATRx) Specialists in the world. They have been certified by ASCM, NASM


Our office is located in a beautiful Victorian building built in 1905. There is plenty of free street parking. If the driveway is empty feel free to park there.

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