Restoring Muscle Balance & Joint Stability
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What to Expect

What to expect from your treatments

Muscle Activation Techniques (MAT) is a system designed to evaluate and treat muscular imbalances.  It is a systematic approach for evaluating and treating the biomechanical relationships relating to chronic pain or injury.  In other words your shoulder pain may be related to improper foot biomechanics, your knee pain may be because of weak or inhibited muscles in the hip.

The Muscle Specialist will evaluate your musculoskeletal system looking for limitations in range of motion.  Once inhibited muscles have been activated normal function will occur.

The client should expect to be treated in areas other than where they are presenting symptoms.  If your neck or back are symptomatic but your Specialists finds a more profound issue in the foot then your foot will be restored first before any work is done on the neck or back.

We have been able to  eliminate symptoms after one to three sessions.  However this is not the norm.  Expect to see results after four to six treatments and to continue receiving once a month treatments for maintenance.  If you are an athlete who is training for an event or if you are someone with a history of injuries then your treatments will vary according to what your nervous system presents.

What to wear

Please wear workout type clothing.  Shorts and tee shirts or loose fitting clothing are appropriate.  Thick clothing, large seams, buttons and zippers will interfere with the treatments.


A 24 hour cancellation policy is enforced.  Expect the first treatment to last no more than 90 minutes and all subsequent treatments to last approximately 50 – 55 minutes.  We do not accept credit cards at this time.  Please pay with cash or checks.


There is plenty of free street parking in front of 315 First Street and all up and down the block.  We are offering the driveway as a parking spot as well.  If there is not a car parked in the driveway, take it it’s open for you!

Please consult with your Specialist for more information.