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About Us

Norcal Muscle Clinic was founded in 2009 by Derek Colderbank and Laura Miles. Two fitness professionals and post-rehabilitation specialists who have committed their lives to helping anyone who is looking for instant and long-lasting help with neuro-muscular issues. The modality used in this clinic is Muscle Activation Techniques.

Laura Miles M.S., MATRx Specialist / Derek Colderbank M.S., MATRx Specialist


The Beginning

I started this journey when I was a teenager.  I knew I wanted to pursue a career in the sciences.  I loved math and chemistry and biochemistry,  but after spending a few years working in a lab I knew I would  not be happy in that environment.  I turned my focus on anatomy and physiology.  I loved my cadaver anatomy class.  Many of my friends were pretty squeamish when I described my anatomy tests but not me, I loved them. The anatomy labs were all practical application so our exams consisted of us identifying and describing the function of what was labeled on and inside each cadaver. We were very lucky to have twelve cadavers that semester.  I feel very honored and I am very thankful that these special people donated their bodies to science.  Their commitment and dedication allowed me to become a much more knowledgeable student.  It was during this class that I knew I would pursue a career working with the body however, I was not sure at this time in what capacity.

The Middle

After some considerable thought I decided I would become and Occupational Therapists.  I applied and was accepted at Samuel Merritt University in the Master of Occupational Therapy program.  I thought a long time about what this career would entail and in the end  I declined their offer of acceptance.  I knew I wanted to be more involved with anatomy than a career as an OT would allow.  I decided I would become a Personal Trainer and specialize in Post Rehabilitation.  I would build my own niche in this area.  I took many courses in post rehabilitation and worked with Physical Therapists throughout my career as a trainer.  I was very successful and I was able to help many people heal.  However, I was still not satisfied.  Every certification and course I took said the same thing when it came to tight muscles, pain or injury.  The solution was always loosen tight muscles, exercise weak muscles and strengthen the core.  I feel I am a good student as far as following procedure.  I would follow all the protocols to a tee but never seemed to get the results I was hoping for.  My clients were happy with their results and I was satisfied in knowing I was doing my best but my heart and mind were always on the lookout for a better solution.  I would often say to anyone who was listening that I wanted to find the person who really knows and understands the body and learn from them.

The Recent Past

Derek and I began working at Bay Club Marin in 2002.  He would always see me going to new classes and getting more certifications.  During a conversation he said to me that if I wanted to understand the body and really help people I should become a Muscle Activation Techniques Specialist (MAT).  I went to the founder of MAT Greg Roskopf’s website and knew instantly I would get this certification.  Finally, someone was saying something different than every other modality I knew of and that was, stop chasing symptoms and start looking for weaknesses.  He went on to say that in order to do this you have to understand the neuro-muscular system and all the attachment sites of every muscle in the body as well as the mechanics of the body and how each joint action produced from a contracting muscle influences every other joint in the musculoskeletal system.  I was certain I would become an MAT Specialist but I was not sure when I could start.  In the meantime Derek and I started dating and then we got married.  In 2008 Marin Bay Club was sold to a private equity company.  We felt that this would be the perfect time to change our careers by moving to Denver and begin studying the MAT process.

The Present

Derek and I moved to Denver and completed the first level of the MAT process.  We became MAT Specialists.  We then started taking every Masters course MAT offered.  We often took them more than once.  We moved back to San Rafael and started Norcal Muscle Clinic.  We never advertised.  We started working on one person at a time in the hope that they would refer people to our clinic.  Our business picked up pretty quickly.  During this time we were still taking all the Master classes and building our business.  In 2010 Greg Roskopf completed one of his goals and that was to get MAT into an accredited university as a Masters program.  Derek and I applied got accepted and graduated in 2012.  March of that same year Roskopf announced he would start teaching the MATRx program.  This would be the highest level offered to MAT students.  It is a four year program and to get in you need to receive a personal invitation from Greg.  The first two years is spend learning the process on the foot, elbow/wrist & hand complex.  At the end of two years we had to fly back to Denver and take a four hours practical and written exam.  If we passed we were invited to complete the process which also takes two years. We both passed and December 13th, 2015 we completed this four year internship and graduated with twenty two other committed individuals as the first MATRx Specialists in the country.

I could not be happier with my chosen field.  I always hoped and dreamed of knowing the body the way I do know and to be able to help people so profoundly the way I do every day at my clinic.

Thank you for taking the time to read my biography.

All the best in health and happiness,

Laura & Derek
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