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Norcal Muscle Clinic
Restoring Muscle Balance & Joint Stability
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  • Muscle Tightness

    Muscle tightness is a form of protection in the body. Weak or inhibited muscles can create the need for other muscles to tighten up in order to help stabilize the joints.

  • Shoulder Pain

    Poor foot function, weak trunk and spine muscles both of these issues often present as shoulder pain and dysfunction.

  • Back Pain

    Back Pain can be a symptom of other muscles not working properly.

    If lower abdominals are shut down or inhibited or if hip flexors are not working optimally then what is left to control the motion of these areas? The Back.

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  • Foot and Ankle

    Healthy musculoskeletal systems are maintained by having good foot and ankle biomechanics.

    The knee pain you are having today can very well be from the ankle sprain or foot injury that happened years ago.

  • Knee Pain

    The knee joint is the reaction system. The joint responds to what is happening above and what is below the joint.

    Hips or ankles that are unstable or have neuromuscular weakness will often present as knee pain or tightness

  • Impingement Syndrome, Rotator Cuff Problems

    In order for the shoulder complex to work properly the scapula, clavicle and humerus must all work together. If muscles attached to any of these structures are weak or inhibited shoulder motion will be compromised.

  • Muscle Activation Techniques

    This unique method was developed by Greg Roskopf, a biomechanics expert who works as a consultant for the Denver Broncos, Denver Nuggets and the Utah Jazz.

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Welcome to Norcal Muscle Clinic

In recent years, a revolutionary new process has evolved for correcting muscular imbalances in the body. It has dramatically improved functional capabilities in people of all age groups, providing a pain free lifestyle along with elevating sports performance and career longevity in several professional athletes. This process is a biomechanically-based system called Muscle Activation Techniques (MAT)™.

What We Do

  • Muscles are evaluated and tested for weakness. Once weakness has been identified these muscles are treated to restore neural communication and strength. Joint pain and muscle tightness are present because of muscle weakness. They are symptoms of muscle inhibition not the root cause.
  • At the start of every session a Range of Motion evaluation is conducted regardless of how many times the client has been treated. NorCal Muscle Clinic does not use a protocol based system.
  • Muscles are tested individually.
  • Activation of muscles are accomplished by palpating at the attachment sites.
  • Muscle Activation Techniques (MAT) is a system of checks and balances. This ensures that every muscle treated has been activated.
  • When muscular balance and joint stability is restored the areas of stress are able to relax.

How we are different

  • The root cause of our clients' discomfort is treated; not their symptoms.
  • Results are quick and long-lasting.
  • Other therapies treat symptoms with only temporary results.

How do I get started?

Great question, start by emailing us now or giving us a call at 415.450.8867